Narcissus / D.H. Lawrence

Where the minnows trace 
A glinting web quick hid in the gloom of the brook, 
When I think of the place 
And remember the small lad lying intent to look 
Through the shadowy face 
At the little fish thread-threading the watery nook-- 

It seems to me 
The woman you are should be nixie, there is a pool 
Where we ought to be. 
You undine-clear and pearly, soullessly cool 
And waterly 
The pool for my limbs to fathom, my soul's last school. 

Ventured so long ago in the deeps of reflection. 
Broke the bounds and beyond!--Dim recollection 
Of fishes 
Soundlessly moving in heaven's other direction! 

Undine towards the waters, moving back; 
For me 
A pool! Put off the soul you've got, oh lack 
Your human self immortal; take the watery track.

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