To spring poem is addressed to the spring season. The poet calls upon the season to visit his land. He fervently appeals to the season to poor soft kisses on the bosom of love-sick land and awaken her to a new life and Joy. The poet wants a boon for his native land. He urged the season to bless his land. 

The poet praises the locks of the spring season. The season has been personified as a woman with long lock off here. Her locks are covered with the due drops. She looks through the clear windows of the morning. In the spring season, the sky is clear in the morning. The poet appeals to her to cast her divine eyes upon the Western isle of England. The whole land is singing songs to welcome the spring that is fast approaching. 

The hills of England speak to each other. They convey the message of the coming spring. And the valleys of the land go on listening to what the hills Say. The people of the land are eagerly waiting for the spring to lay out t her exhibition of flowers, birds and blossoms. The poet urges the spring to visit his land and sanctify it's a soil with the touch of her holy feet. 

The poet appeals to the spring to come over the eastern hills of England. The winds will become fragrant by kissing her scented garments. The winds will carry the fragrance of flowers of the spring season. Sweet and soothing thing are the breezes of the spring in the morning and evening. They are laden with fragrance which the people are keen to taste and enjoy. The people are pining and languishing because they are in love with the spring. They are crying for her. So she must come. 

In the last stanza of the poem, both the spring and the land of the poet are personified. The poet urges the spring to adorn and decorate his native land with her own beautiful fingers. The season should plant soft and sweet kisses on the breast of England. She should decorate England's week and pale head with her golden crown. The simple traces of hair of the native land were tied up in prayer to the season.

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