Me-Smith / Caroline Lockhart

Title: 'Me-Smith' 
Author: Caroline Lockhart 
Illustrator: Gayle Hoskins
Subjects: Fiction

This may not be considered as a classic and not recommended by many but it is a kind of its own and have its own reader base. Smith, is an insufferable with an overblown sense of self-importance. Susie is just annoying, and so is her mother, the Indian woman. Dora is the cliché woman that all men would like. The character MacArthur seemed intelligent.


I. “Me—Smith”

II. On the Alkali Hill

III. The Empty Chair 

IV. A Swap in Saddle Blankets

V. Smith Makes Medicine with the Schoolmarm 

VI. The Great Secret 

VII. Cupid “Wings” a Deputy Sheriff 

VIII. The Bug-hunter Elucidates 

IX. Speaking Of Grasshoppers

X. Mother Love and Savage Passion Conflict 

XI. The Best Horse 

XII. Smith Gets “Hunks”

XIII. Susie’s Indian Blood 

XIV. The Slayer of Mastodons

XV. Where a Man Gets a Thirst 

XVI. Tinhorn Frank Smells Money 

XVII. Susie Humbles Herself to Smith 

XVIII. A Bad “Hombre” 

XIX. When The Clouds Played Wolf 

XX. The Love Medicine of the Sioux 

XXI. The Murderer of White Antelope

XXII. A Mongolian Cupid 

XXIII. In Their Own Way

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