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Bluebeard: A Musical Fantasy / Kate Douglas Wiggin

Dedication: To my friend Walter Damrosch
Master of the art form so irreverently treated in these pages.
Kate Douglas Wiggin


(underscores denote italics)

More than a dozen years ago musical scholars and critics began to
illuminate the musical darkness of New York with lecture-recitals
explanatory of the more abstruse German operas. Previous to this era no one
had ever thought, for instance, of unfolding the story, or the "Leit
motive" (if there happened to be any!), in "The Bohemian Girl,"
"Maritana," or "Martha." These and many other delightful but thoroughly
third-class works unfolded themselves as they went along, to the entire
satisfaction of a public so unbelievably care-free, happy, thoughtless,
childlike, uninstructed, that it hardly seems as if they could have been
our ancestors.

A Cathedral Courtship / Kate Douglas Wiggin


WINCHESTER, May 28, 1891
The Royal Garden Inn.

We are doing the English cathedral towns, aunt Celia and I. Aunt
Celia has an intense desire to improve my mind. Papa told her, when
we were leaving Cedarhurst, that he wouldn't for the world have it
too much improved, and aunt Celia remarked that, so far as she could
judge, there was no immediate danger; with which exchange of
hostilities they parted.

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